If you are ready to  change your body  and transform your life. You need me

If you want to work on a one-to-one basis with someone who will teach you the moves and support you personally, please read on. 

There are many reasons why you may want to work with a personal trainer: It may be that you are nervous and need your confidence building up. It's equally possible that you are super-competitive and cannot stand the thought of being second rate in public. You could have scheduling problems, health issues, or just feel that's what you want to do.

If it helps you make up your mind, I have clients who are elite amateur sports people,  million-dollar executives, bodyguards, military personnel, housewives and house-husbands. I have people who train with me on a regular basis, I have people who pop along every six months to get something fixed, or learn something specific.

I train really fit people, and some overweight ill people 

I have appeared in (too) many magazines and am endorsed by many leading fitness bodies

I personally train clients at

Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie Street
London EC4Y 8DP


Crossfit London UK
Railway Arch 9 Malcolm Place
London E2 0EU

 What I am really offering you is the ability to transform your life, using these inspirational 100 words

"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch.
Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds.
Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow.
Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.

Regularly learn and play new sports".

This, in my mind, makes you "Crossfit" Even if you dont nail every aspect. Every step you take towards this goal makes you healthier and fitter.

My job is supercharge your fitness so you are ready for any challenge. I do this by teaching you really effective basic moves.

I will train you to deadlift, squat, press, Olympic weightlift, kettlebell, sprint, run, jump and row. You will master some basic, cool and achievable gymnastic skills such as handastands levers and muscle ups .  I'll teach you to box, grapple and throw, to a competent self defence level. I will then get you to mix and match methods and protocols, and have loads of fun as you discover what high intensity means.

If you want to meet up for an initial session or if you want to ask some questions, pleased drop me an email  at  andrew@crossfitlondonuk.com

   But, who am I?

Andrew Stemler  

Is  56 years old, and is stupidly passionate about helping you get the best out of your body.

"Cancer killed my mother, depression killed my brother, heart disease and dementia  turned my dad into a zombie

Sure death is inevitable, but its how we get there and in what state we arrive that really  counts".

Either God is too busy, or she really does want you to help yourself... either way maintaining  your health, and your  physical  prowess and increasing your work capacity is probably down to you. If you are not quite sure how to do that, email me".

oh by the way...Im a Crossfit level 2 Certified trainer and have too many fitness and sports qualifications with leading bodies, including the Register of Exercise Professionals, BWLA (the British Weightlifting Association), the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association), the UKKA (the United Kingdom Kettlebell Association), UK Athletics, SABA (Schools Amateur Boxing Association), ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) and a wedge of martial arts certificates. 

Im a POSE running coach and have Crossfit certifications in Gymnastics Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, Endurance and Kids. I have a degree in Law and Sociology, a post-grad in Property Management and spent 3 years as a doorman in London's East End. I obtained my Crossfit certification in 2005, long before Crossfit became the trendy fitness regime it is today.

Im a sport masseur , a hypnotist , a medical accupuncturist  and a specialist in Bad Backs

Contact  andrew@crossfitlondonuk.com

Or you can try calling or texting on  07969 922831 ( be warned that often my phone lives at the bottom of my sports bag, so getting to it is a bit difficult if I'm in  a training session. Sorry in advance!)

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Here are the three guiding principles, or hallmarks, of our Gold Standard of Fitness

 Crossfit London Hallmark of Elite Fitness



(thanks to the Crossfit main site for this chart)

CrossFit Fitness Standard: ONE

There are ten recognised general physical skills. They are: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. You are as fit as you are competent in each of these ten skills. A regime develops fitness to the extent that it improves each of these ten skills. Importantly, improvements in endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility come about through training. Training refers to activity that improves performance through a measurable organic change in the body. By contrast improvements in coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy come about through practice. Practice refers to activity that improves performance through changes in the nervous system. Power and speed are adaptations of both training and practice.

CrossFit Fitness Standard: TWO

The essence of this model is the view that fitness is about performing well at any and every task imaginable. Picture a hat filled with an infinite number of physical challenges where no selective mechanism is operative, and being asked to perform feats randomly drawn from the hat. This model suggests that your fitness can be measured by your capacity to perform well at these tasks in relation to other individuals. The implication here is that fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks, tasks combined in infinitely varying combinations. In practice this encourages the athlete to put aside any set notions of sets, rest periods, reps, exercises, order of exercises, routines, etc. Nature frequently provides largely unforeseeable challenges; train for that by striving to keep the training stimulus broad and constantly varied.

CrossFit Fitness Standard: THREE

There are three metabolic pathways that provide the energy for all human action. These "metabolic engines" are known as the phosphagen pathway, the glycolytic pathway, and the oxidative pathway. The first, the phosphagen, dominates the highest-powered activities, those that last less than about ten seconds. The second pathway, the glycolytic, dominates moderate-powered activities, those that last up to several minutes. The third pathway, the oxidative, dominates low-powered activities, those that last in excess of several minutes. Total fitness, the fitness that CrossFit promotes and develops, requires competency and training in each of these three pathways or engines. Balancing the effects of these three pathways largely determines the how and why of the metabolic conditioning or "cardio" that we do at CrossFit. Favoring one or two to the exclusion of the others and not recognizing the impact of excessive training in the oxidative pathway are arguably the two most common faults in fitness training.

As an over riding principle, Crossfit views the needs of an Olympic athlete and our grandparents as differing by degree not kind. One is looking for functional dominance the other for functional competence. Competence and dominance manifest through identical physiological mechanisms.

We scale load and intensity; we don't change programmes.

Always remember that the best trainers are at Crossfit London

Crossfit. Forging Elite fitness