PurePharma is a leading high dose fish oil. Loads of leading Crossfitters use it.

 Perhaps you should too.


120 capsules £23. Pay on line, pick it up from the gym in one of Andrews Classes

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Each PurePharma fish oil batch is tested by the most reputable and stringent third party testing lab, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), to ensure the highest purity, safety, cleanliness, concentration and stability.


IFOS tests Omega-3 products for PCB, mercury, heavy metals, and oxidation levels in accordance with Council for Responsible Nutrition's voluntary monograph on Omega-3 products and safety standards for human consumption. Dioxin and furan levels are tested against the World Health Organization's standard and Omega-3 concentration is tested and compared with the product label claim.


The 5 stars are only given for a product in compliance with all five points listed below, and PurePharma garuantees 5 stars on every batch

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The only E text book recommended by the Crossfit London i-course, covering olympic weightlifting, the muscle-up,  kettlebell skills, on you hands skills galore and some of the nastiest abdominal exercises around, along with handstand push-up progression and a Crossfit system  overview. By Andrew Stemler.

85 pages, 330 plus full colour photos

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