Strongman training is the essential extra to all strength training regimes: its great fun and you get stronger by playing.

Our Strongman training is focused on moving large loads, long distances, quickly.
To achieve this we push, pull, drag, press, squat, carry and lift a range of odd and awkward shaped equipment. We push for max efforts in unorthodox and inefficient positions, strengthening and conditioning our bodies to breathe heavy by lifting heavy.
Using heavy weights to move heavy things is not only a really fun way to train, but it also has great carry over in real world, functional fitness.  There's something natural and instinctive about lifting and moving objects.   
Our Strongman classes are definitely not male only.  Anyone and everyone can benefit from this type of strength based training.  Our classes are a great mix of strength levels and gender, all with a shared purpose, large loads, long distances, quickly.
We teach you how to lift the infamous atlas stones, complete yoke and duck walks, pull heavy sledges,  farmers walks, tyre flips  and  the log clean and press
Strongman/woman 1 hr classes run on Sundays at  9 Malcolm Place, our Bethnal Green, London E2 gym  at 11:30 and 12:30.  The classes are lead by Paul Gillingham, owner of a great beard and Tim Lawrence, owner of designer stubble.
This class is open to all Level 2 and Level 3 Crossfit London members. If you are not currently a Crossfit London member its about time you completed your beginner course, then you too can lift heavy awkward stuff