All Crossfit Gyms or "Boxes" are head and shoulders over normal gyms.

But even within Crossfit Boxes there is a pecking order .  Crossfit London was the 1st ever affiliate in the UK ( not by a few weeks, but a couple of years). Some people would say we are pretty much at the top of that order.

 But being 1st doesn't always guarantee quality. There are many "martial arts experts" who claim to have 20 years worth of experience:  in fact all they have done is to repeat 1 years worth of training 20 times.

At Crossfit London we develop and  push both our staff and our clients. There isn't a single one of our staff who isn't in the throws of being a beginner, be it an  Msc's in forensics, Teaching diploma's,  learning how to horse ride, learning how to ride  a bike (at the age of 30). Our staff spend a fortune travelling the world , learning from other experts and industry leaders

We know what its like to be  beginners. In our own field (Crossfit, strength, gymnastics , olympic weightlifting, power lifting mobility and rehabilitation, ete etc) we are experts. 

What this means to you  is that we know what its like to be a beginner so we supply oodles of feedback and support to all our beginners.

We know lots of "experts". We train with them.  The one thing they have in common is

1) many cannot teach

2) their only "secret" is to give up your life and devote yourself to Crossfit ( back squatting), or rely on a natural advantage

Our clients, dont have natural advantages, and they are time poor!

Our client also want great careers, lovely partners, and they see the role that Crossfit could play, but if an experts solution is to "give up your job, ditch your partner, live like  a hermit, and train train train....." its probably not relevant to many of our professional clients

Most of our leading Crossfitters are sports people who use Crossfit as their preferred   strength and conditioning room:  By varying your training, and complementing your sport our clients tell us they run faster, score more goals and win more challenges than they ever did with a 'normal' gym routines. 

The rest of our clients are brokers, lawyers, students, mums, Dads, actors: united by the desire to  work hard to get the best results.

I ought to mention our clients range from 20 ish to 60, thin to fat,  gay and straight and are totally cool, and we love them all.

Crossfit at Crossfit London, and now at Crossfit Se11 in Vauxhall,   is about optimising your training time to get the best results possible.  But if you want to devote your life to Crossfit, thats cool too...

We also run REPS accredited training courses that mean many of our  Crossfit  London and Crossfit SE11 trainers are not just trainers, they are the ones who train the trainers ( the good ones....I mean)

We are reasonably priced and have accessible membership options, from monthly deals to carnets of tickets , to single sessions. You can come 7 days a week, or once every 2 weeks. We will be there for you.

Sure we could tie you up with special deals, but we want you to be here  because you want to be here, not because someone  blagged you into some inescapable weird membership con.

But we are not perfect. Being based in Bethnal Green E2 ment that not everyone could access Crossfit London goodness .

Now we have backed the fantastic Chris Howard in opening with us Crossfit SE11 so all those who can get to Vauxhall can get  some Crossfit London excellence!

Our new 2500 sq ft venue is open at  Crossfit SE11,  103 Tinworth Street,  Vauxhall , London SE11 5EQ:

The facebook group is here, and even better you can get started by starting here 

Crossfit SEll has its own site here 

If you are really stuck, you could phone Chris on 07730 921514, but his phone often lives at the bottom of his bag: so try his email on

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