According to Tommy Kono, the obvious or fundamental factors or principles in olympic weightlifting are frequently overlooked: its often quite fashionable to focus on and mystify highly technical elements of the lifts while ignoring the more obvious, "bang for your buck" basics. In olympic weightlifting, an area of balance is created by your feet. Anytime the bar moves outside of this base, you have lost control. The barbell is now in charge, and it will goes exactly where it wants. 9/10 that wont be where you want it to go. The area of balance can be described as the middle of the heel bone to the foot/big toe joint. You cannot treat the barbell like a fickle lover: pulling it close one minute then throwing it away like a yo yo. If you swing 50 kilos forward, you are going to follow it ( If, that is, you want to regain control and not have everyone else in the room wonder what it is you think you are doing) Snatches, jerks, cleans. The bar must travel in this column of space directly over your foot. In every movement out of the area of balance you are loosing height, control, efficiency and, most likely, dignity. For now, rather than worry about banging the bar on your thigh or triple extending or catapulting the bar or leaning back, film yourself and make sure that bar stays in the area of balance. You can learn how to olympic weightlift at our Bethnal green gym, or attend one of our olympic weightlifting masterclasses or develop your lifting skills into our olympic weightlifting instructor course.