The mission of Crossfit London and Andrew Stemler is to make the olympic lifts available to all. 

In England, the Olympic lifts were almost exterminated . In 2005 I had to go to America, then Scotland to be taught how to lift. Today we work hard to run accessible classes and course for all.

Another aspect of our campaign is to enjoy, but not to amplify, the  various points of debate within the  Olympic weightlifting community.

We are also going to make sure that when we talk to the "old" experts, we talk to them all.

Im very lucky to have trained, read and corresponded with a whole range of Olympic Weightlifters. What Ill try to do here is to assemble their views. Never the less, views are, as they say, views. What works for one, may not work for others.

 The Thigh Bounce 

 Here is a video from Staley training.

An overview of the lifts. This is an interesting video that begins to get you to see some of the key shapes of the olympic lifts. However, clearly, its not meant for beginners, as the video takes too much for granted.