Here we document our efforts to assess what is true and what is witchcraft in the fitness world.

Success Rates:

I think ne of the 1st things we need to do on our area is to have  an awareness of Success rates  and how we begin to assess what is successful. Without being too arsey, what is a successful treatment?

Lets you have an aching tendon that stops you pulling up: Ideally for a treatment to be successful,  you want to reduce pain to Zero, and pull up ( and hopefully be able to add more pull ups) so what if it just reduces the pain? What if it does not reduce the pain, but you can pull up? 

Change is the key .

physical injury demands many things of you, but the immediate result is to make you change. As we develop our Bethnal Green injury rehab and obesity practise,we increasingly find that  success rates are correlated to change. To what extent can the client change, or cope with change. One of the immediate out come of pain should be to change or "not do it again" . Many look for a cure so they can continue in the same old ways. Probably not the best idea