Whilst I was delighted to train Indian Clubs it was obvious that many club swingers specialised in a type of "fitness" training, dealing in correlate outputs.

By a correlate out put, i mean an artificial component of fitness , as opposed to the core skills that sword and club use actually developed. Once a club or sword is swung without the concept of combat timing, targeting and self preservation, in my opinion, they are rendered, at the best incomplete. Or to put it another way, if you pick up a club and practise to brain someone with it, you get accuracy, mental intent, effective mechanics, strength, flexibility and a "hormonal combat chemical stew".

If you twirl it for a flexibility demonstration ( which can be fun and better than living a totally sedentary life), the chances are you will only get a bit of flexibility... if that makes any sense As this page develops it may be of interest to those involved in experimental archeology , re-enactment or actual combat. Whilst we have regard to "martial arts" and hollywood, much of our work is based on the experiences of those who were involved in 20th century wars ( WW 11, Korea and Vietnam) where there was a history of close quarter combat These accounts and survivor observations are being consolidated with what we know of historical martial training , the experiences of law and order units who use batons, and the experiences of combat athletes ( javalins, archery, boxing MMA etc) If you feel you have genuine sword skills and would like to contribute to our studies, please drop Andrew at andrew@crossfitlondonuk.com


Thanks to Professor Mike Simpson and Krishen K Jalli for sharing their thoughts and skill sets that set me on this course .