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This was a nice bit of coverage in Holland & Barratt's Healthy 4 Men, August 2009 edition.


Men's Fitness

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An interesting article about the Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club with mentions of Crossfit London, Andrew Stemler and Foz Rahman. Click here for the full article

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Make sure you catch November's issue of Men's Health, page 163/164


Red Magazine and Crossfit London

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by KATE on DECEMBER 12, 2011

Yes, I am a media whore! Check out page 207 of the latest issue of RED magazine (January 2012) where readers are guided on how to squeeze exercise into their busy, glamorous lives:

Ahem.. corrections below article:

I'm not sure what amused me most:
Fit in 10 mins a day (not including the Zone dieting, plus hundreds of practice hours at Oly and power lift, pullups, knees to elbow attempts and all the other exhausting stuff!)
Jumping off boxes (if only I could have skipped the jumping on boxes bit)
Size 8 (Well, some of my stretchy, forgiving items of clothing are)
My body is mostly lean muscle (ROFLMAO!!!)

Oh, and we are actually at

Still, all publicity is good publicity ;)

The new Crossfit London HQ 


and training venue is
Unit 9
Malcolm Place
Bethnal Green,
E2 0EU

for more details