Learn Gymnastics   at Crossfit London

If you are 5 to 15, and the right shape, the gymnastics world will bend over backwards (or get you to bend over backwards) to help you in your chosen sport.

If you are an adult, looking to add some fancy moves to your training, its all but impossible to get someone to train you.

But this is the page that will get your adult  gymnastics training off to a flying start



Crossfit London  Programme ( Saturday and Sunday) CLICK HERE http://crossfitlondonuk.com/what-we-do/adult-gymnastics/

These sessions are purely for  teaching adults gymnastics . It is s the only activity on at that time, so no distractions. Its not for teenagers, so there are no break dancers funking out in the corner, so you can actually hear the instructor and their coaching points, and, we actually teach and coach you the moves, in a progressive, logical manner.

The focus in theses sessions are floor based work so, handstands, bridges, roles, cartwheels, round-offs,  back flips  are the skills you will expect to learn, along with the strength and flexibility needed for these skills.


We run a facebook page to give you an idea of what we mean 


 Here is the formal Crossfit London "advert" for these sessions


Wouldn't you love to have a bigger arsenal of cool gymnastic moves? Who wouldn't want to have fantastic bridge, or do a back walk-over, or begin to master a backflip and have a rock solid handstand?

These are the things we commit to teaching you as part of our Sunday gymnastics programme, which is for adult beginners/intermediates who wish to be taught in a class format.

Book yourself into a gymnastics class to get the very best in adult gymnastic coaching in London.

We offer highly taught and structured sessions for adult clients, and are careful to tailor progressions to your needs and abilities.

Finding coaches with an interest in really helping adults learn skills are rare, so we are delighted  that  Matteo and Sarah has joined Andrew Stemler in Driving  the adult gymnastic project forward

This is the proper stuff: real handstands with grace and beauty, real forward rolls and cartwheels that will lead to round-offs because they are being taught well. For more advanced students, there will be work on bridges, back flips and more!

These are stand-alone classes, so you do not need to be a Crossfitter or go through our Crossfit Beginners classes in order to participate.

Click on the 'Getting Started' link to set up an account and schedule your first session!

If you want to work on that back handspring, here is a fantastic video....not by us, but the drills are common ones we use


 RING WORK and gymnastic conditioning

The other  gymnastic stuff we teach are how to use the gymnastics rings and learn moves like, dips, pull ups, muscle ups  handstands and levers and Rope climbing. Do to the nature of the session, it is taught on  a 121 (personal training) basis by Andrew Stemler, Being brutal, £55 an hour ( but it can get it cheaper  with various deals). If you want to incorporate ring training into your  regime, drop  Andrew Stemler a line on andrew@crossfitlondonuk.com.In the meantime, buy some rings

No one will take you seriously if you do not incorporate rings into your training. They are one of the better training tools around ( and have been for many years) 


Holding shapes

In the early stages, there is a large focus on conditioning, especially if you have little to no gymnastic experience. Gymnastics is all about holding shapes: we train these shapes on the floor before we expect you to whizz around with them in the air.

To start, learn to hold a dish shape.

Lie on your back, push your lower back into the floor, and try and extend your arms and legs for as long as you can hold your lower back down.
If your back arches, pull your legs back in.


To get an edge in gymnastics, you need to be thinking about the skills you should be learning. Visit  http://www.drillsandskills.com/  for some ideas.

In general, according to James Major, in Strength Training Fundamentals In Gymnastics Conditioning (available www.usa-gymnastics.org) there are four basic principles that help coaches evaluate strength training

1) Consistent, special strength training is necessary for  maximum performance in gymnastics

2) Maximum strength for minimum size

3) Rest and recuperation are important

4) Strength training must be integrated with skill training in gymnastics





 What should you do now

1) Buy the "Elite Fitness Guide" at our shop £12.99

2)   Book onto our Beginners course

3)  Book a place on the i-course

4)  Email Andrew@crossfitlondonuk.com for a personal training session

If you want to learn how to olympic lift, ring train, deadlift, squat, loose weight, get faster, improve your blood pressure, change your body composition,  learn proper dietary principles, master cool gymnastics moves and earn yourself a fit and healthy future