At Crossfit London we are committed to safe and effective training and we openly invite everyone training to bring their experiences to the comments section in order to lay the foundations for future trainees.

The first thing you need to do before training is to consider your medical condition before training, and to assist any training partners help you in an emergency

This is a draft "PARQ" that you should complete and assess. When attending Crossfit meet ups, classes, and seminars, you will be asked to print this form off, complete it and bring it with you.
Postal Address
Day telephone number
Evening telephone number
Email address
Emergency contact details.
If you are involved in an accident who should we contact and how

Health and Safety Issues
Have you any history of the following.
Heart problems. YES/NO
Fainting spells. YES/NO
Pain in chest when exercising. YES/NO
High blood pressure. YES/NO
Low blood pressure. YES/NO
Breathing difficulties/asthma. YES/NO
Joint problems. YES /NO
Epilepsy. YES/NO
Back complaints. YES/NO
Are you on any sort of medication? YES/NO
Diabetes. YES/NO
Any other significant illnesses or recent operations. YES/NO
Are you over 40 YES/NO
Do you smoke YES/NO
Do you drink more than the recommend levels for your sex? YES/NO

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should down load a copy of the foundations document and take it and you, to see your doctor to obtain clearance to train

Do you have any disabilities Yes/No

If yes, please include details above

We need you to sign this document to confirm that what you have said is true.

The above information is true and correct and that I have read and understood the following advice (version 1/10/02/06)


One of the many differences between normal gym fitness and Crossfit is your exposure to injury. At a basic level, CrossFit combines various Olympic sports in its work outs: Whilst attempting to reduce the risk of accidents, Sporting injuries are accepted as a fact of life to athletes, footballers, climbers rugby players, boxers weight lifters etc. If you do not wish to increase your risk of injury, do not follow CrossFit .

RHABDOMYOLYSIS. However, apart from normal sporting injuries, high intensity exercise can run the risk of a condition called Rhabdomyolysis. Please follow this link and read and understand the condition. ( added  May 2007)

LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. Crossfit is about developing elite fitness, it requires dedication and hard work to master the workouts and obtain elite performance. If you are a beginner, start off by understanding, then practicing the moves, then light versions of the posted workouts. If you treat the workouts with arrogant contempt and just jump in, they will get their revenge. So visit the "how to start page" on the main CrossFit site


The work outs are for the toughest of the tough. You work up to them. The secret is to scale them to your ability. Start with light weights then go up only when you can do the exercise with proper form. IF you don't know how, ask. Post on the main message board; email one of the instructors etc. These are not work outs for thickies. They require self management and intelligence.

The Safety of equipment/venue you are going to use.

What ever piece of equipment you intend to use should be checked by you: collars should be on Olympic bars, You should walk over 100-200-400m sprint courses to make sure there are no hidden hazards. Test that bars will take your weight, read the instructions. Consider risks. Consider others.

Remember the magic words: STOP:

if you are not sure, or something has happened that changes safety: STOP

That should get you started, Andrew (Crossfit London) version 1/10/02/06

additions made May 2007


Our new dedicated training venue is
Crossfit London
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You can try phoning  07969 922831 in a major emergency, but  this is really a  number for  existing clients.

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